Step By Step guide to Apply for Medical Entrance Exam 2020-2021

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A student needs to have a good idea about what to expect in the exams and detailed knowledge about it. This will help the student to conquer the question paper and to excel in the exam.

Here are some details of the Medical Entrance exam which is going to be held next year in May.

Mode of Exam

Exam mode will be a pen and paper-based in which the candidates will be given OMR sheet. It needs to be filled with the ball blue or black pen.

Timing- The time period of the exam is a 3 hour.

Question Paper- In all, there will be 180 questions. Each question will carry 4 marks and for every correct answer a student will be given 4 marks and for every incorrect one -1 mark will be deducted the total marks of the exam that is  720 marks. It will be a multiple choice questions with three sections mainly Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The Physics and Chemistry section will comparatively have less questions as compared to the Biology section. The Physics and Chemistry section makes the 50% of the question paper while the Biology section itself makes the 50%.  The chemistry section contains 45 questions which makes 180 marks of the question paper.

In the same way the physics section also contains 45 questions which makes 180. The Biology section contains 90 questions making 360 marks on its own. Hence, one can understand the fact that there is a need to have a strong command over biology.


The medium of the question paper will be in different languages such as Hindi, English,  Assamese,  Bengali, Gujarati,  Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Kannad and also Urdu. The question paper of different native languages are only available to the specific States of the language. The option for the language of the exam will be asked during the form filling phase and hence the form should be filled properly.

After filling application of the Medical Entrance you will not be able to change it.

-A candidate who appears for the English language for the exam will be provided booklet in English only.

-A student who prefers for the Hindi language will be provided with a bilingual test booklet which will contain the questions both in Hindi and English.

-A student who opts for their regional language will be provided bilingual test books containing both the regional language and questions in English.

-In any case of ambiguity in the translation of the questions, the questions of the English version will be taken correctly.

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