Odisha CM Navin Patnaik’s preparations for 2020 general elections: Facts and figures

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Name: Navin Patnaik

Date of Birth: 16 October 1946

Party: Biju Janata Dal

Political linage: Son of former Chief Minister of Odisha Biju Patnaik

Alma Mater: Kirori Mal College, Delhi

Zodiac Sign: Libra
BJP supremo Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are already bracing up for the 2019 general elections against incumbent Navin Patnaik, who has been the Odisha Chief Minister for four consecutive terms.
Politics in India is entangled with ancestral connections, like other chief ministers, Navin Patnaik too entered the realm right after his father Biju Patnaik’s death in 1997.

Navin, who was a writer by profession, had published four books. A man who has read in institutions like Welham Boys’ School and Doon School, Dehradun might have a flair for writing and fondness for languages.

Biju is one such rare politician who knows Hindi, French and English. It is quite ironical that the four time winner does not know his regional dialect Odia, he rather delivers his speeches written in Roman alphabet.
As soon as he entered politics, he founded the Biju Janata Dal party, wining the state elections. After becoming the Chief Minister, he used best of his knowledge to gather the support of the people. He was praised for his overly mild nature, with idealistic approaches, such as: standing against corruption, making pro-poor policies. He has been maintaining the right balance in the bureaucracy just like his father.
Political Journey:

Firstly, he became the 11th Lok Sabha member in by-election from Aska Parliamentary Constituency and then the Consultative Committee of Ministry of Steel & Mines, Member of
Before taking the responsibility of the state as the chief minister, Navin was the Union Minister for Mines under the Vajpayee government, which he had later resigned. Although Navin was in alliance with National Democratic Alliance (NDA), but his party BJD won majority of seats in alliance. Until 2004, the two parties used to share cordial relations.

But after the the riots took place in Kandhamal region, in which Bajrang Dal was apparently found to be involved, BJP choose to part ways from the party and joined Left Front and other regional parties.

The party made an unprecedented victory without an alliance in 2009 elections, by winning 14 out of 21 Lok Sabha seats and 103 of the 147 assembly seats. Taking further his tenure in 2014, Navin outshone all other parties in 2014 Indian General Elections and the Legislative Assembly of Odisha elections by securing 20 out of the 21 Lok Sabha Seats of Odisha and 117 of the 147 Odisha Vidhan Sabha Seats.

With ongoing winning streak of Modi government in every other election, Orissa general elections 2019 are not far. BJP is all set to win this election, with round of road trips from PM Modi and intensive research by party chief Amit Shah, who had been taking trips to the region and participating in the political activities. Indeed, the state is quite important to the party to enter the east India and get 21 parliamentary seats.

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