Networking is the solution to Automotive Industry – Who Are System Integrators ?

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A Market Where “Networking is the solution to Automotive Industry”.


The automotive industry is evolving, developing, and changing with new technologies and innovations. The fast-moving technologies are so evident that tackling such changes need so many integrations. Developing everything in-house is a time taking and expensive job. Thus, asking or looking out the same outside agencies can help overcome wastage of time and money on tests, simulations, and research & development.

System integrators play the main role in providing solutions that are required at different stages and levels of the automotive industry.

Who are System Integrators?

System integrators provide a variety of complex integration services and solutions including consulting, design, engineering, management, installation, training, maintenance, and more. They provide service globally to a variety of industries using vision and imaging systems, including manufacturing, packaging, electronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, medical, security, consumer goods, aerospace, military/defense, agriculture, biometrics, life sciences, and traffic monitoring.

System Integrators for Automotive GPS Tracking Solutions

SI provides a variety of solutions in terms of hardware, software, server technologies, and protocol integrations when it comes to catering to automotive industries. They either work as a wholesome solution provider where they provide everything from technology to hardware and training or they serve as a tailor-made service provider where they provide different combinations of solutions as per customer need.

Types of System Integrators

There are several types of System Integrators who caters the market as per the need of the automotive industries. They provide customized solutions to their customers. They even develop their solutions and technologies but outsource hardware needs. SI plays as a one-stop for end users.

Who needs the complete Solution:-

They promote their brand as a wholesome solutions provide and may need white labeling for hardware, software, and any application needed by them.

A complete solution provider offers entire Hardware, Software, Server & Application as well as connectivity (SIM or Wifi). They acquire everything from outside and then present it to the customer as their brand through white labeling.

  1.     Who need only Hardware solutions:-

They have grown everything in-house like technologies, software & applications, even they provide connectivity/network solutions but they lack hardware. So they procure it from the third party. They require data sheet protocol integrations from the third party with their server.

  1.    Hardware with sensor integration:-

Such integrators generally need to integrate some sensors like Fuel sensor, Gate, Temp, etc. with the hardware. They need several kinds of customization in the device. Humidity sensor, temperature sensor, fuel sensor, speedometer, etc.

There are three types of SI in this.

  • Whole Solution: In this client need Hardware, Sensor, Software, SIM & server.
  • Only Hardware & Sensor: In this client only need Hardware, Sensor, and will use his own server, software, and application.
  • Only Hardware: In this client need only Hardware, and will use his own sensor, SIM, server, software, and application.
  1. Who needs Hardware, Server Integration through API:-

They possess their own server, network, and application, they look for the server to server integration through API, and additionally they need Hardware, API, and third-party service integration. Here for them, data protection plays a very important role, they need entire data to run on their platform and server.

  1. Who has developed software in-house and wants to use their own application at clients’ locations?

They have developed an application and software in-house, but they don’t have the hardware, server solutions, connectivity (SIM or Wifi), and application to run their solution smoothly. What they do is, they procure everything from outside, do assembly of these services and then sell the same to their client. They do server to server integration from 3rd party.

  1. Who have school bus solutions:- Under this solution, there are three different types of System Integrator  

Only Hardware Requirement

Hardware, RFID, and Camera

Need the whole solution including RFID and Camera

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What more to understand here  

Internet of thing (IoT):-

The Internet is a network of network and when this network starts communicating with physical things then it is called the Internet of Thing.

IoT works beyond the traditional standard devices like desktop, smartphones or tablets, IOT works with day to day life devices which are not internet related. These devices work with a sensor attached to it. Through IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) we can monitor and control any devices which work sensor-based algorithm. We have control ACs, Lighting systems, printer, Car, Washing machines,  Infotainment. Entertainment devices like TV, audio-visual, etc.

IoT plays a significant role in automotive industries too. System integrators who have a well IOT developed solution often need several customizations from hardware providers with a variety of sensor combinations. Networking

They use car immobilizers to start and stop cars. They control the temperature inside a car by using the IoT mechanism, they also control the infotainment system of a car. Not only this, they can lock-unlock their car from the mobile app install in their mobile phone, they can also park their vehicle only using their electronic key and mobile app from anywhere without manually doing it. IoT also helps to understand traffic and weather conditions.

System Integrators plays a vital role in automotive industries but work as a liaison between end-user and core solution provider.

Networking with a network is really important. Networking improves the chances of sales. For further networking related queries, comment below.

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