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AltBalaji and Zee5’s Mentalhood grasps the defects, problems and battles of mothers in the period of web-based media. The show centers around the life of rich mothers – in the case of working, stay-at-home or work-from-home – and a solitary parent (Dino Morea plays a single parent to twins) and their children. Present day moms Meira Sharma (Karisma Kapoor), Preeti Khosla (Tillotama Shome), Deeksha Shah (Shruti Seth), Namrata (Shilpa Shukla) and Anuja Joshi (Sandhya Mridul) are in a competition to turn into the best mother ever.
Moms are not just family but lifeline and above all a person in most of our life which made us what we are today. This three letter word is pure Emotion. Any series or movie surrounding her surely evoke interest and any flaws are even ignored and same it goes with this series. Mentalhood is a series from the banner of ALT Balaji and Zee 5 which tells the story of 5 urban mother and a dad. Karishma Kapoor, shifts from Kanpur to Mumbai and put her kids to an elite school. The elite school is world of its own with competition, jealousy, parenthood, problems and what not. Karishma befriends these super rich urban parents who all have their own problems but try to showcase as there is none. Every episode is concentrated on one of the issue which most of the modern generation parents faces. Also, the best part about the series lies in how it ends with a lesson for everyone in simplistic manner. Every characters has their own problems just not with their kids also in their marriage. It can be easily said the characters picked are sample size of large population and showcased to us so we get feel connected at least to one of them and it rightly does that job. The actors Karisma Kapoor, Sanjay Suri, Sandhya Mridul, Shilpa Shukla, Shruti Seth, Tilottama Shome and Dino Morea all are great and you feel they fit into narrative perfectly. This story may not be the one you could completely connect coming from middle class family but it is a treat to watch. I would recommend it for a different style of series which has glitter and gloss of the world which makes it look beautiful and can be tried.
Oh my God watching Karisma mam after so long is like reaching a milestone, she is a Sky none can reach nor touch her high!! I have seen 8 episodes for now and seriously believe me all of them are so relevant, where I had a plan to watch one episode a day after watching 1st episode I couldn’t stop watching 8 of them in one night! All of the mommy’s are so real. Specially Karisma mam in acting no one can beat you, you are just unbeatable!! Love you 😘
It’s a treat to watch karishma back on screen but why always these common problems have to be showcased in elite class? Where boss mom, BMW car, supermom tags are so important. Why director/ producers think that public will go gaga over their modern setup’s, complicated relationships.. trust me middle class has more of the complications while raising their kids. Their struggle to juggle with home and office with no or minimal help at home, stay at home moms dilemma, financial crisis and what not. Where was the real stuff in this web series. Although it was good to watch but I definitely can not relate it to completely. This series is not for common middle class mothers.
I have not expect the show is truly heart touching and amazing story line, I have just became a parent and just wondering that this will be life of parenthood, thanks to the maker of mentalhood to bring up such fantastic story and every parent should watch it worth it

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