MCD elections 2020: AAP leaders Beating Around The bush, Few Resigned

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MCD Elections 2020 : Setback for AAP

MCD elections 2017 proved to be a huge setback for Aam Aadmi Party as it got only 48 seats out of the 270 seats. It is quite shameful for the party to come from 54 per cent in 2015 assembly elections to 26 per cent in the MCD elections. It was indeed an unprecedented victory for the party as it had a clean sweep in Delhi by winning over 67 out of 70 seats.

Despite the the controversy of tampered EVMs, many AAP leaders are taking the loss on their head, for they resigned from the party. Embracing the undeniable debacle, Arvind Kejriwal called an urgent party meet to discuss the performance in the polls on Thursday.

Following the announcement, a number of AAP leaders resigned one-after-the-other. First he AAP Delhi convener Dilip Pandey resigned from the post, then senior leader and Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh as well as Punjab co-observer Durgesh Pathak gave up on the party sending the resignation to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

As soon as Kejriwal received the resignation from Pandey he appointed Gopal Rai as party’s new convenor in Delhi.


Further Delhi unit convener Dilip Pandey came up on social media to take the responsibility of MCD elections defeat saying: “I have resigned from the post of AAP Delhi Convener and conveyed to National Convener Arvind Kejriwal to give this responsibility to someone else.”

Ashish Talwar, the Delhi in-charge, made sure that he also takes the responsibility of the loss in civic body polls,“Keeping in line with the same tradition, I resigned as Prabhari of Delhi at around 6pm ne today,” he tweeted. Talwar was the first one to resign when party was defeated in Lok Sabha polls as well.

Although Alka Lamba has been in news for her active campaigning and work, but leaders seriously failed to bag votes in the civic polls. Henceforth, she also gave her resignation saying: “resign as MLA and from all party posts”. With releasing an official statement on Twitter, Lamba said, “Taking responsibility for defeat in all 3 wards, I offer to resign as MLA and from all party posts.”

Beating around the bush:

Neglecting the intrinsic ideology and political strategy behind the massive success of BJP, AAP party finds another excuse to beat around the bush. The party finds the EVMs need to be fixed which is why they lost this election. On contrary, the same AAP registered an unprecedented victory in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 with the same EVMs.

Being a devil’s advocate the party’s minister it points out the flaws of AAP. Water minister Kapil Mishra said the blame can’t be pinned only on EVMs and the party needs to introspect and find the reasons behind its rout in the civic polls.

Supporting Kapil other party leaders including Punjab state party leaders calls it a loophole in the workings of the central government. Dhaka MLA and Punjab leader of opposition HS Phoolka did not comment on the party’s defeat in Delhi MC polls, but was noticed saying that its “poor” poll strategy in Punjab.

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What is the reason behind AAP’s loss in MCD elections 2017 ?

AAP has been vocal about its problems since they came into power. Like a responsible party, they refused to take the responsibility and work on the solution.

Just a week ago the party was questioned by the government over its finance, which shows that the party has had not planned to invest in the campaigning of MCD polls. Rather Delhi Arvind Kejriwal was trolled on Twitter for asking the people of Delhi to give those finances.

A handful of activities done by the party were mentioned to the people of Delhi, who are utterly frustrated with an invincible dreams inculcated, by Kejriwal via phone calls. Of course, who has time in Delhi to listen to what Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is saying who always promises the unachievable agenda to the people.

Moreover, after winning the elections, the party including the chief Arvind Kejriwal is not as active as it was before coming into power.

List of recent losses of party

  • Delhi MCD Elections 2017
  • Delhi By Polls – Rajouri Garden
  • Punjab Legislative Elections 2017
  • Goa Legislative Elections 2017

Leaders who left the party after MCD elections 2017:

Dileep Pandey, Durgesh Pathak, Sanjay Singh, Alka Lamba, Aashish Talwar are the top names who’ve taken the responsibility of poor performance of recent elections and MCD elections 2017.

Other leaders who left the party as of now:

Many other leaders have previously resigned from the party including: Yogendra Yadav, Prashat Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan, Rajesh Garg, Medha Patkar, Anjali Damaniya, Mayank Gandhi, to name a few.

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