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As ZEE5 expressed, “Rapidly after Priya strikes into a spic and span house along with Aishu, her hearing-weakened little girl, Aishu goes lacking. In her look for Aishu, Priya learns two or three amazing occurrence that happened in the home beforehand. Will Priya find Aishu? ”

Kannamoochi arrangement spins cycle a more youthful visually impaired lady Aishu, who goes lacking from her residence at some point or another.Poorna, proving her potential to carry such a heavy character and play  pain on her face and does it it with conviction, delivers a meaty performance as the grief-stricken mother. . She bears the pain on her face and does it exceptionally. She makes it look real and carries the show forward single-handedly.
In the broader scheme of things, some of these portions seem very unnecessary. Say the one involving Ram, Priya’s deceased husband. However, the crux of the story is woven into a flashback segment with Devaraj (Vivek Prasanna), his lost daughter Manju, and Inspector Loudersamy (Bose Venkat). After getting a very lethargic response from the cops, Priya takes it upon herself to trace the case. This in-turn, devitalises the screenplay and doesn’t provide a satisfying pay-off.Priya (Poorna), a single mother, moves into a new apartment with her five-year-old daughter Ishwarya in a city that’s new to her as well. She certainly likes the ninth floor house but right on her first visit, she is given a creepy welcome with the elevator jerking in the sixth floor and its lights flickering terrifyingly. that, Ishwarya is kidnapped and a horrified Priya is thrust into taking gruelling steps to find her. She leans on her only friends, a newly-appointed house help and Santhosh, but mostly traverses this journey with the help of a girl (ghost?), who only Priya can see and hear. The story then gives way for the major sub-plot involving a paedophile.

The supernatural element leads Priya into a past-crime and flashbacks and it almost looks like a careless search at some parts as the present-day scenario is ignored completely, or it seems. The premise of the series is But, some stretches something that can be played with very well, but Kannamoochi comes off as half-cooked for the most part. But, some stretches are really well-written and particularly, the fifth and final episode is an absolute delight to watch and experience. for nailing the complete episode and for amply aiding the writer and director’s work.


At the point when her pained mother Priya, starts a look for her little girl, she finds a startling fact – a spine-chilling aggravation had end up being the spot inside the home she’d strolled into alongside her girl.


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