Is Anjana Om Kashyap capable of answering Arnab Goswami?

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Dear India Today, Rome was not built in a day, then how can you expect Anjana Om Kashyap to beat Arnab?

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Days after “The nation” got hypnotized with Arnab Goswami’s comeback on his own venture, the Republic TV, which created quite a boom with back-to-back sting operations of high profiles; India Today put its Hindi TV news anchor Anjana Om Kashyap on the forefront. Having seen the news reports about the same and of course the banner saying “Reached and Waiting” which rather looked apprehensive than an answer to “Arnab with you soon”, the tagline of Republic TV; I was certainly impressed by Anjana’s fearless journalistic spirit to accept the challenge, which was actually never posed by Arnab to any particular channel. He rather kept his promise to unveil some murky realities behind high profile people and it has to work because we, Indians, are always intrigued to peep through our neighbour’s windows and get some inside stories. Well, yes, Arnab used his well sold strategy with an amalgamation of nationalism, showing a bit of political inclination towards the right-wing party.


The moment I saw Ms Anjana, the hardcore feminist side of me pops out to stand in her support and not Arnab. Reproving her social media trolls, I was in fact watching and motivating her until I heard a grammatically incorrect sentence during the live update. “You cannot afford to not know anything in today’s times.” Well, how on planet earth can anyone afford to make such a lame mistake? What is ‘Today’s times’? Time can never be plural, right? If I am not wrong, time is an uncountable noun and that is how we mostly use it.

Watch the video here:


Nevertheless, India Today, whose magazine cover page was PM Narendra Modi, expressed its discomfort via its anchors on social media.

I would like to ask the supreme channel –The India Today Group — with its huge grandeur in the field of journalism, which talks about ethics, morals and language! Yes, you heard it right “language”. When Anjana Om Kashyap meticulously tries to make the news debate soar the TRPs of the channel, she doesn’t care how she is pronouncing the words. I want to tell Ms Kashyap that you do not need to develop trilling sound on alphabet ‘R’ just to emphasis a specific word that is against the rules of phonetics in English language.

Chuck phonetics, grammar and all English language related complexities. I have a few number questions to ask to the India Today Group: Is language more important than the news? Why do we have to compel a journalist who is well versed with her Hindi and happens to set fire in newsroom with her witty comments? I mean why can’t Aaj Tak be a competition to the Republic?
Isn’t it hypocrite to say that yes, we, the journalists of India, weighs clear communication over language? How does it matter whether the news is in English over Hindi? Let me remind the channel who conducts a lot of surveys that India has a larger Hindi speaking audience. This is explicit that “the nation wants to know” in Hindi not in English!

Instead of mocking its Hindi journalist Anjana by transferring her from Aaj Tak to India Today, which is an English channel, the organization should rather work on its marketing strategy. As a viewer when I click on India Today Facebook page, I am unable to find a single video of a star journalist Anjana Om Prakash, while on the other hand, the Republic is posting each and every video on social media frequently. They have the right graphics supporting each and every story, a spoiler alert, a follow up and the yes, the videos of the man — Arnab Goswami debating.

arnab republic tv

In this fast paced digital age, people do not have time to search India Today website and then click on live TV to find the list of show, which should ideally be in the list of videos or the show should be glaring enough on the website.
I am personally a huge fan of Anjana Om Kashyap. But, this strategy seems so lame to me or rather a leap of faith of the channel that expected a full-time Hindi journalist to become good at English language in an overnight and beat the number one journalist in the market.

Here’s a small piece of advice to India Today Group, English is not a cakewalk that you can learn in a day or two, and it requires precision, efforts, practice and intense patience. Definitely, it’s not Anjana’s cup of tea, spare her from being trolled at Twitter after every show. Let’s face it; she is not as good as Arnab in presenting English news debate.

So Sorry! India Today, I hope you got the pun.

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