Hardships Involving IPL – Overview of the Decade

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As said, there is no smoke without fire. Over the ten decades, IPL has faced many hardships in the name of controversies that even media has flashed with explicit details from time to time. BCCI has time and time again faced these difficulties and yet managed to come out of it with even a stronger front.

Over the years regardless of all the controversies and hardships, the one things that have kept the IPL T20 cricket going forward is the promise to maintain the spirit of cricket and keep the code of conduct of players intact. Over time, BCCI has been challenged with many difficult decisions, but whether they be the suspension of any major franchisees or banning powerful and reputed people from the cricket industry, BCCI has always done what they have found morally correct and ethically needed.

Let us go through some of the major hardships that the Indian Premier League had to in the last ten years –

Since the beginning of IPL, conflicts were raised that disturbed the BCCI on an international scale. The inaugural of IPL coincided with the County Championship in 2008. The chairman of English and Wales Cricket Board made it perfectly clear that the English players contracted to them were to serve their county as a priority, as a result, only one English player was a part of IPL in 2008.

It takes no master mind to figure out that where money is involved, the government is bound to have some suspicions. IPL has undergone few tax exemption controversies as well over the past years. There have been many petitions by political bodies to recover the entertainment tax from IPL. Concerns were also raised regarding the unreasonably high-ticket fares, but at the end, the governing department failed to regulate any tariff.

Initially, IPL imposed many restrictions on the media bodies. All media agencies were bound to upload the images taken during the event only on the official website of the IPL and no live coverage was allowed. Finally, after media agencies’ threat of boycotting the league entirely made IPL alter many guidelines and become flexible on their terms and conditions.

2018 was a year of major hit back when the IPL saw the BCCI chairman Lalit Modi getting suspended by then vice-president and current chairman Rajiv Shukla. He was suspended under “alleged acts of individual misdemeanors”. He was not only barred from IPL but any BCCI committee as well.

The spot-fixing controversy that took place in 2012 and 2013 and then later again in 2015 was a major setback for the entire IPL squad. After an authentic sting operation conducted by one of the leading news channels, where five uncapped players agreed on spot-fixing and insinuated that their franchisees offer them black money. These players were immediately banned by the BCCI. Next year, in 2013, more investigations were held that resulted in the arrest of three Rajasthan Royals players as well as Gurunath Meiyappan, the son in law of N. Srinivasan, the then president of BCCI who too had to step down from his positions under the orders Supreme Court.

If this was not enough, IPL cricket faced the biggest blow in 2015 after the suspension of Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings for two years under the allegations of foul moral conduct.

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