Futile Struggle of Stubborn Belly Fat

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The Stubborn Belly Fat

Lush Black hair, Glowing skin, timid eyes but stubborn belly fat. Despite using hi-tech fat reducing machines to granny’s homemade remedies, nothing seem to reduce your waistline size. Ever wondered, what could be the probable reasons, giving nightmare and a tough time for you to choose scintillating clothes for your wardrobe. It seems almost impossible to fit in your short pretty black dress for your date.

Low metabolism, diets and exercise regimes are the first few thoughts that struck our mind when we introspect the reason behind, “Why despite every effort, the adamant belly fat just do not refuse to stop stalking.” Is that the lifestyle habits got to do something with it?

There can be completely different and alarming reason for bulging belly. Not observed so casually, “stress” can be identified as one of the reasons. Yes, most uncommon answer. While the counter arguments can be made that stress effects eating habits and reduces our appetite. However, it is only short term effect. In case of chronic stress, you gradually get inclined towards fatty food consumption and accumulate layers of fat. Being in so much of stress, we are often unable to overcome this habit. Gradually, causing protruding belly.

Anxiety, depression are the characteristics of the young generation these days. Almost, like synonym to the time that we are living in. A certain hormone called cortisol promotes fat around mid-riff because of increased level of anxiety and stress. This phenomena has been termed as Stress induced weight gain.

Cortisol is also commonly known as stress hormone and is secreted by the adrenal glands to maintain blood pressure as well as to induce energy in the body. The process of converting fat and carbohydrates to energy is done by the hormone. One of the other major function of this hormone is to regulate insulin production to maintain blood sugar levels in the body.

At the times, when you face tensions, body generates cortisol in higher amount, resulting an increase in insulin level. It causes a drop in blood sugar level and you crave for high sugar and carbohydrate food. The body then generates a calming effect on the food you consume and that’s how you increase weight.

A study reported that fat accumulated because of increased level of stress is concentrated at abdominal level than hitting hips or thighs. And it can further result in Cardio-vascular disease.



Doctor on Stubborn Belly Fat

Following suggestions were made by Dr. Rupali Datta that comes handy when it comes to reduce the stubborn belly fat:

  • Eight hours of good quality sleep as sleep deprivation paves in for stress and anxiety issues.
  • Taking as much burden as physically and mentally possible. As the stress to complete the task in hand can be devastating.
  • Monitoring eating habits and including less fatty foods can help us to get rid of stubborn belly fat.
  • Inclusion of Vitamin c food, boost the adrenal gland which regulates the secretion of cortisol.
  • Drinking water in morning with empty stomach

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