Disadvantages of Cloud Computing – 2020

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There are many advantages of Cloud computing. But every coin has two sides. So here are some of the major disadvantages of Cloud computing.

There are also various technical problems which keep on peeping while you work on the cloud computing. Beside the fact that the cloud computing make you able to manage the problem yourself or with the help of customer support 24 x 7.  But sometimes the problems which occur needs to be fixed  by paying some extra money to the organisation.

Main Problem

One of the major drawbacks of cloud computing is that you need high data connection all the time in order to work efficiently. If the data connection becomes even a bit low then and your work will be staggered.

Unprotected privacy

The cloud computing system is exposed globally, so the major risk is that it can be attacked by any  other server or hacker. Also, the risk for the data to get drained out is also another factor which is very vulnerable.

The cloud computing is widely open opportunity for attacks. The data, privacy and data security is at higher risk in case of cloud computing.

Data mobility

Data mobility refers to an event where the data is shared among other cloud services. This is also a very risky factor as an organisation might lose its confidential data with some other organisation. This is one of the major drawbacks of cloud hosting.


The compliance refers to the level of risk  which is done by the provider against the regulations of the cloud hosting organisation.

Internet connection

This plays an important role as the internet is a need to do the cloud computing. If there is  no internet or even the connection is slow then cloud Computing cannot take place. So it is very important to ensure that the network as well as the speed of the internet connection is high at the place where you are installing the cloud computing system. This is one of the biggest problems which is happening with remote areas and developing countries where the net connection is not as fast as that of the developed countries.

Data confidentiality

The system protection  is always a risk that the data might be retrieved from some other sources. As the data is available globally it can be attacked by many hackers. So it is very important to get the protection done from the cloud hostel organisation. Also the security should be updated on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure that the cloud is well protected.

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