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Logistics and Fleet services are among the backbone support to our transportation system . Managing a huge network of the fleet is very challenging and stressful. Companies and owners are struggling in a day to day management of all their fleet services and resources. They are not only worried about their fleets but have cumbersome issues with the driver management, vehicle health, customer coordination as well as route management. The mismanagement and no concrete solution cost them a lot, not only in terms of money or resources but also losing time and thus losing future business too.

Owners and Fleet manager find these very frustrating and often land on doing unproductive and unnecessary work to streamline their operation. As the operation is one of the biggest challenge and backlogs keep mounting on them, thus in these scenarios they need the concrete solution which can not only manage their fleet operations but also helps to reduce cost and boost their time management efforts.

Below are the broad pain areas listed which in general most of fleet management faces.

  • No real-time tracking
  • Driver idling
  • Speeding and poor use of fleet vehicles
  • Sudden breakdown due to mishandling of vehicles.
  • Theft cases
  • Fuel-related issues
  • Wrong routing
  • Timely delivery at destination
  • No proper reporting
  • Problem with resource allocation (driver management)

Thus solving these issues has become top priorities among the fleet owners.

How can Rollr Fleet Management solution help you overcome your pain?

Rollr is an IoT and Telematics platform launched by Motherson Invenzen XLab Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of SMG, which builds telematics hardware and applications. The Rollr platform connects everything that is on the move on the roads. The company has many hardware and apps for this, including a Connected Car Infotainment Device. Rollr, with innovative connected vehicle solutions from devices to applications, provides user access to vehicle telematics for real-time tracking and location analytics, engine health, security alerts and driving behavior, along with regular reports summarizing pre-set parameters.

Courtesy – rollr

Here are some of the solutions which Rollr offers to their customers.

Real-Time GPS Tracking:-

You can access real-time data of your fleet on your desired devices either mobile or dashboard. The data provided are accurate in nature and helps to forecast your course of fleet movement.

With real-time tracking, you can get connected all the time to your vehicle and track their updates in 5-second intervals. More on this is all the tracking information are accurate in nature and you get trip status, the last location as well as whether your driving is idling or no-go, you also have this data and can have a better driver management on tip of your finger.

Driving Pattern & Behaviour:-

This functionality helps to monitor your driver’s driving behavior, you can have a better control over it. You can easily get the information about vehicle speeds, Engine Idling and Sudden & Hard Brake. You can have access to vehicle mishandling and can make approach your driver on a real-time basis to resolve any such incidents.

Security Alerts at Your disposal:-

This is something which can relax any fleet owner and manager. You can define your own GEO-FENCE, where you can easily be figured out entry and exit locations from this geo-fence. You can also get alerts about vehicle speeding and start and stop of your vehicle on to your mobile. This function makes your life easy by helping you access any information, sitting anywhere across the globe without evening calling your driver.

Your Vehicle Health, Means More Saving:-

fleet management dashboard

Courtesy – rollr

Rollr not only helps in tracking your location but also help in managing the health of your vehicle. You can prevent vehicle breakdown with alerts for engine healths, battery voltage, fuel usages, and levels. You can do a beforehand diagnosis before taking next trip.

Immobilizer Support

Prevent theft incidents by using this facility, you can control and protect your vehicle seamlessly from anywhere. You can start and stop your vehicle with just using our mobile app.

Trip Analytics

Get reports and analysis of completed, ongoing trips. Improve your productivity and plan to reduce cost by replaying the historical routes and planning a better management of plying fleets next time on the road. Get the details like, start time, reach time, stop location, routes etc.

Some More important features of this solutions are

Easy Reporting & Access on Web & Mobile:-

Accurate reporting make life easy, you can view and access reports from your mobile or from the web from anywhere. You can customize your dashboard according to your need. You can easily get reports on the trip taken and completed, customer served, driving activities. Get daily, weekly, monthly reports for your every vehicle.

Device for your Vehicle

MI-Xlab offers Non-OBD & OBD based devices for your vehicle. Quality of these devices are world class and are manufactured in India. These devices are certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). It comes with many extended features e.g Fuel / Temperature /Humidity sensors.

The beauty of the device is it also work if there is no network present in backup mode.

It is one of state of art product which has already created the buzz in India automobile industry and helping thousands of fleet managers and owners get help manage their pain area by providing them the solution which makes a huge difference in their operation pattern.

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