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15 Awesome Summer Movies You Won’t Want to Miss

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Summer is a great time for splashing around outside and having fun in the sun.

However, when the sun gets too hot, it’s also a great idea to head to the movies. Summer movies are usually big blockbusters. There are exciting superhero movies, dramatic movies, and adventures for kids.

This article will give you 15 awesome Summer movies you can go watch during the Summer of 2018.

1) Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

It turns out, people never learn, and dinosaurs are at large again in Jurassic World.

Jurassic World is a fun, action-packed film starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Don’t go in expecting anything revolutionary, but go in expecting a good time.

2) The First Purge

The First Purge is a good choice for horror fans out there.

One night out of the year is The Purge, where all crimes are legal. Smoke a joint, kill a man, it’s all good during The Purge.

3) Ant-Man and The Wasp

Marvel is seeing an increase in female superheroes, and this trend continues with Evangeline Lily playing The Wasp.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is another thrilling superhero movie to add to Marvels collection. If you like to see powerful beings fighting evil, this is the move for you.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch from your own home before you go, catch up on the original Ant Man.

4) Eighth Grade

We all remember the awkwardness of adolescence. Where everything felt like the end of the world.

This comedy movie seeks to capture that time in our lives when nothing feels sure. The movie follows a girl in Eighth grade as she navigates friendship, identity, and self-love.

This movie is sure to be a hear warmer and is a great one to bring kids to who are also around this age.

5) Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

The girls are back again for a Mamma Mia sequel. Or, rather a prequel.

This new movie goes back in time to when Donna was pregnant. It shows her as a young woman, meeting the three men she fell in love with. One of who is Sophie’s father.

6) Mission Impossible: Fall Out

Love Tom Cruise? Love watching him beat people up? Then Mission Impossible: Fall Out is the move for you.

Mission Impossible is another spy movie where Tom Cruise attempts to do an impossible mission. Will he succeed? Find out July 27th.

7) Christopher Robin

At last, a live-action Winnie the Pooh movie.

Christopher Robin follows the story of Pooh and pals as they navigate the 100-acre wood. This movie is a dream come true for children who grew up watching and loving Winnie the Pooh.

Go see it, it’s sure to melt your heart.

8) The Spy Who Dumped Me

A comedy starring power houses Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis, this is a don’t miss movie of the summer.

This movie follows two friends whose lives are suddenly changed when one of their ex-boyfriends turns out to be a spy.

9) Dog Days

You can’t have the dog days of summer with out a movie about dogs!

Dog Days is about the lives of dogs and dog owners in Los Angeles. Dog owners end up taking the same routes and going to the same dog parks in a way that brings them together.

10) Slenderman

Another movie for horror aficionados. This movie follows a group of girls as they attempt to prove that Slenderman doesn’t exist.

When one girl suddenly goes missing they’re forced to ask the question who did this? Was it Slenderman after all?

11) The Meg

It’s not summer without a shark movie. “The Meg” is a giant prehistoric shark who is terrorizing boaters.

It’s up to Jason Statham to outsmart the shark and get the crew to safety.

12) Tag

Based on a true story of real friends who really love the game tag.

This movie follows a group of five friends who are in a seemingly never-ending game of tag. They play at weddings, at funerals, and at their kid’s birthday parties.

But who will be the ultimate victor in the game of tag? Maybe they’ll decide to end the game to save the friendship? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

13) Incredibles 2

The ratings are in and it’s decided that Incredible 2 is just as incredible as the first.

This animated feature consists of a family of incredible super heroes as they fight super villains and seek to keep peace in their world.

14) Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Need a break from the action and horror movies that fill the theatre in the summer?

Try grabbing a sweater vest and joining Mr. Rogers in Won’t You Be My Neighbor. Mr. Rogers is the ultimate kind, loving neighbor and child hood hero of many.

Take a page out of his book to learn how to treat your fellow mankind.

15) Ocean’s 8

The Ocean family is back but this time it’s the sister, Debbie who leads the operation.

Debbie (Sandra Bullock), and an all-star staff of leading women are on a mission to steal a valuable necklace from a museum.

This movie is funny, full of action sequences, and a brilliant heist.

Head Out to Watch These Summer Movies Now

These summer movies are sure to get your adrenaline pumping this season.

These movies range from sentimental, to scary, to hilarious. There’s something for everyone on this list so there’s no excuse not to get some popcorn at the movies this summer.

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